Empty Container Park Fees

Empty Container Parks have announced increases to Container booking fees, to take place across Brisbane, Sydney & Fremantle (Melbourne & ADL haven’t been mentioned yet, but we anticipate they may follow suit soon). This is on the back of delays & “chaos” at some empty parks over the past month, as reported by Road Freight NSW. Transport operators are effectively paying increases up to 48% from the likes of Qube, Tyne & ACFS, to make bookings to pick up (export) or dehire (import) empty containers.
As such Terminal Access/Booking Fees will increase in Brisbane & Sydney by $25 whilst Fremantle will increase $10 from 1st September 2020 and will be reflected in the Terminal Access/Booking Fees (Infrastructure Levy/VBS booking/Empty booking fees).
NB:   Industry bodies such as Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), IFCBAA & transport associations continue to raise concerns about the continual increases from Stevedores and the unfair billing of Terminal Access/Infrastructure fees to transport companies (instead of their contracted clients – the shipping lines). Multiple approaches have been made in the past to the ACCC, Deputy Prime Minister and State Governments, in an effort to regulate against the charges unfairly forced upon transport operators.