2019/2020 BMSB Season

The BMSB season will start again this year for sea freight cargo shipped from the 1st Sept 2019 and arriving in Australian territory by the 31st May 2020.

There are now 32 countries involved, up from 9 countries last season.

Mandatory treatment overseas is required for:

• Break Bulk Cargo
• LCL cargo
• Open Top containers
• Flat Racks
or cargo may be re-exported or destroyed


We recommend all Sea freight cargo is treated overseas, if it is manufactured OR shipped from OR transhipped through target risk countries. Otherwise they risk NOT being allowed into Australia. This includes cargo transhipped through a target risk country (eg shipped from Finland but tranships via Germany).
Ensure your Contract of Sale/Orders/Incoterms, specifically include Treatment certificates from an “Approved Offshore BMSB Treatment Provider”

Also, please look to try and have as much of your goods moved outside the BMSB season wherever possible, as this will reduce your costs and also reduce the chance of your goods being delayed on arrival.