Project Logistics


Zoomerang Project


 The Demon roller coaster was located  at Australia’s Wonderland in Sydney.
 Some of the poles that support the track are over 15 metres in length.


 Dismantling the Demon was a slow and delicate process due to the awkward shape
 of the track’s many twists and turns.

 The passenger carriages where loaded into 40ft open top containers for ease of
 loading and unloading.

 The shorter, straighter support poles were secured onto flat rack for loading
 via container forklift.

 See to the left some of the many bends that fit together to complete the track. Note the supports
  that veer off at different angles and lengths.

 Here are more pieces of the track complete with maintenance ladders still attached. As the
 roller coaster was to be reconstructed at Visionland the disassembling was kept
 to a minimum.

 All break bulk cargo was loaded using the terminals 100T cranes as this was the
 only was to safely load cargo of this size and shape.

 When the “Demon” arrived at Visionland it was given a coat of yellow paint and
 renamed the “Zoomerang”

 Once painted construction of the Zoomerang begins at Visionland.


 The completed “Zoomerang” ready to roll at Visionland Alabama. The same
 screams of joy, excitement and especially fear this ride created in Sydney
 can now be heard half way across the world in Alabama USA.