China Australia Free Trade Agreement

Article By Newsletter on 30-11-2015

China Australia Free Trade Agreement

The legislation approving ChAFTA has passed through the Senate and they are hoping to have the Agreement enter into force
prior to the 31st December 2015, however at this stage the commencement date is still unknown.

Under ChAFTA you have two options available in order to claim preferential rates of duty:

1)     Certificate of Origin

There are two authorized bodies in China who can issue a Certificate of Origin (COO). 

Details of the authorised bodies can be found at this link

A COO can only cover a single consignment of goods and therefore must be issued for each shipment. 

For a sample of the COO form please click here


2)     Declaration of Origin                          

A Declaration of Origin (DOO) can be completed by the exporter providing that they have obtained an Advanced Ruling from
the Australian Border Force which covers the goods listed on the DOO. Once the Advanced Ruling has been issued then the
exporter may complete a DOO for each consignment.

For a sample of the DOO form please click here

For a sample of the Advanced Ruling form please click here.


Whilst the commencement date is still unknown we would still advise that you contact your suppliers now to ensure that they
are in a position to obtain in particular the Certificate of Origin required for ChAFTA so that you can take advantage of the
duty savings from day one.

Should you have any questions in relation to ChAFTA please contact your local CFL office.