Article By Newsletter on 22-10-2014



The Illegal Logging Prohibition Act 2012 has been in effect since November 2012. The Act makes it an offence to import a timber product that has been illegally logged.

The Illegal Logging Prohibition Amendment Regulation 2013 is law and its requirements come into effect on 30 November 2014. From this date, importers of certain timber or timber products (as defined in the Regulation) will need to assess and manage the risk that the timber has been illegally logged. This is known as carrying out 'due diligence'. Importers will also need to make a declaration to Customs about their compliance with the due diligence requirements. This will be in the form of a community protection question as part of the import declaration process.

The Department of Agriculture (the department) recognises that where customs brokers are acting as an agent for an importer, customs brokers may make this declaration on their behalf as part of the normal formal imports declaration process.

The department has also prepared a range of education and guidance materials to help importers better understand their responsibilities under the illegal logging laws. These can be found on the Information for Importers webpage -

The CBFCA has also prepared a flow chart and suggested declaration for importers use. To access these documents please click here

For further information please contact your local CFL office